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Fidget Cube ood swimmer Anyu wind, his face with a confusing smile came all the way, from time to time to the onlookers of the girls waved, drew a scream Shameless I secretly curse the sentence, as severely thrown him a big eyed Who would have thought, the line of sight should be tightly hooked, no longer can not move it This guy Body was so good ah Tall tall and straight do not say, the lines shoulders particularly strong build, chest looming following the looming, legs are extra slender Ah ah ah This is how I How could suddenly have a stock to nosebleeds impulse He is my sworn enemy ah How can I make in this critical moment of animal in nature White Suu Kyi, a little sober Remember He is a bastard like bullying girls Is a human face beast heart scum At this time, An Yufeng leisurely went to the pool side, suddenly reached out to the hair beam in the back, revealing the perfect lines of the face, and then began to leisurely start warm up exercise Bend chest pressure legs Pounding Pounding Ruined Just the fidget cube me indifferently, Besides, this is something between the two of us. However, I would like to remind you that even if you win the white Suji, I believe that this is not very face you Ji Ming look calm, but I think the two of them between the war the fidget cube more burned Wang Oh, you seem to want to start a new life for her An Yufeng domineering to raise the lower jaw, glanced at me, the mouth suddenly a nasty pick, What are you people I I am a fidget cube member of the Little White Society. Ji Ming stunned surprised a moment, but the sound was significantly lower. Does the fidget cube member have the authority to represent the president An Yu wind disdain Road. Who can not, where to buy fidget toys he and I are the first couple of our community Do not know where the courage to go, I rushed a stride in the past, loudly cried. The first couple An Yufeng murmured as if to repeat it again, I saw he was tightly staring Ji Ming, a pair of dark eyes flashing a dangerous atmosphere. And Ji Ming is also not hesitant to stare An Yufeng calmly, the two of them seems to be a fixed grid of the s.

t the jaw face some contrived, shameless guy when Ha ha ha ha ha But I am angry from the heart of the curse, let An Yu burst burst of laughter. He suddenly stretched out his hand, pointed to his head, slightly provoked his eyebrows two Bai Suji, I am looking forward to you lead a group of white to create the so called miracle Oh In the white these two words, he also deliberately meaningfully increased the tone Everyone on the speech of a classmate have any views Far, the microphone came the voice of bell Sir. But this side, I furious Just calm and swept away, fidget cube I angrily staring fidget cube relieves stress An Yufeng, uttered a loud earth shattering You re the biggest bastard in the world fidget cube You re the biggest bastard in the world the biggest bastard bastard eggs Why, why did my voice so loud. Raised his head, but found that all eyes are gathered in my body, and a wireless microphone, upright in my chin Sir stunned look, trembling fingers moved, and finally reluctantly said Just an accident, then the students talk about it on the white Sujiarly deep, always nasty tilted mouth at the moment sip together tightly, coldly So late for me to come out, is to talk about such a boring story Will you listen to me Oh, Oh, A Hyun, as a brother to care about her sister can not be so rude Oh Gold Moon gently touched the nose, smiling to the rounders, Sure enough, you do not have much experience in a brother. Night I Morning Hyun seems to be An Yufeng desperate, and he shouted toward the moon night low roar, like a mad lion has been rushed to the safety of the same Yu yu front, raised his fist almost arrived in his Nose up. Anyu wind, a man, today said clearly, in the end you like Bai Suji An Yufeng deep eyes issued a people can not read the light, he seems random staring at fidget cube the early morning Hyun, but I think that eyes filled with wind and rain to the atmosphere, in fidget cube the end he wanted to do Lovers sister He suddenly gently smiled, reaching out to hold the hands of the morning fist All the people s face suddenly tense up, do not know what he wants to catch. But the wind is on.eng to say the truth of my heart, I simply to walk away, like a determined decision, said fiercely, I will be afraid Oh, this is a joke, ah ha ha ha ha what Then wait for you to come slowly laugh, rest fidget cube assured, I have seen, is the best viewing angle oh. This bastard Why every encounter he will be unlucky Perhaps because of the relationship between midnight, dark cinema, the audience scarce. An Yufeng this metamorphosis, actually chose the most central location. Facing the large screen, even if there is no opening, there is a chilling atmosphere of terror. The film has already begun for half an hour. This is a story about revenge ghosts, the tone of the film are gloomy, from time to time a woman screaming from the speaker came in the empty cinema could not echo. An Yufeng give priority to a large box of popcorn, conspire before me, grabbed the stars toward the sky thrown, popcorn landed, he firmly with the mouth a catch. Crunch Crunch He chews the popcorn Shen Milky Way screen from time to time to walk around the black footprints ove.

Fidget Cube th countless exaggerated colors I saw the natatorium on both sides of the corridor covered with a full half full of posters, posters printed on the Yu Feng Ji Ming and a substantial live action photos An Yufeng arrogantly hung his head, dark eyes squint askance, as if a look of disdain is looking fidget cube next to Ji Ming The poster on the Ming expression is placid, golden hair gently hanging on the cheek, eyes quietly flat as the front, seems to enjoy a pool of blue water. An Yufeng and Ji Ming s photo center, there are a few lines of eye catching bronzing characters All Star swimming competition Xinghua University in the history of the real significance of the Rush The top guy s visual feast School swimming pool wonderful presentation Producer of News Agency of Xinghua University Kacha Kacha Suddenly two bright lights flash in front of me, is the flash I looked up and saw two people holding a professional camera flash over, quickly disappeared in the crowd. I want to continue to look for pictures of the guy, but suddenly see another big guy.usic more and more intense, fidget cube release day but the next is the climax of the whole part of the dance is part of the carnival together, a person absolutely can not be completed. I turned my head, to shrinking behind the stage in the white love the members of the community to make a wink, to indicate everyone with the power But the music has been gradually climax, came to power only a few people. Noisy music and the sound of a drop in the sea as the number to form a strong contrast, a time, just a little bit of warm up just now the scene, and plunged into the ice like cold Let s go jump This folk dance, the more people the more lively fidget cube Together on it Let us go together Just when I feel that my confidence will disappear in the end, fidget cube fidget cube almost unable to support the time, suddenly the audience burst into a burst of noise Only to see the audience a lot of viewers exchanged a tacit understanding of each other s eyes, invariably toward the stage originally Papa clap Papa clap Continued to join the students such as the seeds of enthusiasm, even just listless wh.


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